Holding up crochet and knit patterns I really want to make.


Hey guys! So I have been working on some crochet stockings, that feels like forever!

So I took a little break and started to look for inspiration for the next projects after I finish the stockings. I have compiled 4 that I feel I REALLY want to make and left a bit of wiggle room in between them just in case a small amigurumi project pops along and I want to make or get requests by my kids.

I also thought it would make some great reviews for you guys! If you guys want to grab some snacks and let me do the chatting you can watch my YouTube video I made explaining a little more of all four patterns. 🙂

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All four patterns I am sharing with you today are available for purchase but I was not given any in exchange for my thoughts of the finished products. All comments and reviews I make after will be my own.

First, we have the Silverbell Sweater by Knitatude! This sweater is available for purchase on her Etsy, website, or Ravelry account. I actually snagged this baby up when she had it available for free in her Ravelry for a hot minute! I have always wanted to try her designs and thought this was the perfect opportunity! I am so excited! You can click the photo and it will take you to the pattern for purchase! Or save it for later! I love that feature!

purple hair

Next, we have The Vanessa Ear Warmer that I have actually had for a while now. I told myself I want to get this baby done before the winter is over so here we go! It looks absolutely beautiful and warm! I don’t know about you but when my ears get really cold my head starts to hurt??? Weird, I know! But here is the link so you can check it out yourself or save for later!

crochet headband

This dress The Truffle Ruffle Dress has been on mind for SO LONG! When I knew I was having a girl all I wanted to make was dresses for her! But having two under two made it quite challenging. Nevertheless, here I am at home with kids at school and time for this! It only took two years, lol! The ruffles along the neckline that goes all around are so eye-catching and adorable! I have not yet chosen the yarn for this one but most definitely will be some kind of cotton blend for late spring/summer.

crochet dress

Last but not least we have a crochet pattern bag! I always wanted to make one! This one is called The Macie Bag. It looks so cool and I have been looking for a purse so this popped on Pinterest right when I needed to! It has some great texture to it and if I can find Home Dec yarn this color This project would be started sooner than later!

Be careful when you purchase this pattern and then print. There are two versions in one PDF file. One English and the other French. Just make sure you choose the number of pages up to the language you need it in.

yarn bag

Thank you for being here and supporting my blog! I hope you enjoyed reading through four of my must-make projects for 2019/2020. Things may change here and there but I am sticking to these four for sure!!

Happy Crafting!

Ariana Hall

Instagram – @arianaehall

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/arianaehall/

Holding up crochet and knit patterns I really want to make.
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