Welcome aboard! Have you heard of this game or perhaps seen this little creature take over the internet with its presence? It is from a game that went viral! It consists of up to 10 crewmates that are given tasks throughout the game to accomplish as a team. In the midst of all that you have one or two imposters! No one else knows who they are except them or whoever sees them go through special doors or sees them kill a fellow crewmate. If that happens, someone reports a ‘dead body’ and calls a meeting where everyone discusses who it might have been. Now you can’t be too suspicious or you would get voted off into space almost immediately like me! I was in the game for no more than 5 minutes and apparently if you ask to skip the voting to go finish some tasks makes you VERY sus (suspicious).

This is my version of the color I like to use! They do have different hats you can customize them with! My version of the Among Us crewmate is small.  He measures 3.5 inches tall2.5 inches wide. Perfect size to turn into a keychain or my favorite, a Christmas ornament! 

I hope you enjoy making it! And if you do, please tag me on social media @arianaehall I would love to see you crewmate!

Happy Crocheting!

Among Us Lime Green


  • 2.50mm crochet hook
  • Cotton yarn (weight #4)
  • I used I love this cotton by Hobby Lobby In
  • Green (main color) for the body and backpack
  • Icy Blue for face shield
  • Black for the outer shield
  • White for the reflection.
  • Poly-fil
  • Yarn needle
  • Scissors
  • Stitch marker (I used a contrasting piece of yarn)



CH: chain

SL ST: slip stitch

SC: single crochet


F.O: fasten off

MC: magic circle (aka magic ring)


SCINC: single crochet increase – two single crochet stitches in the same stitch.


SCDEC: single crochet the next two stitches together

InvDec: invisible SC decrease. insert the hook through the front loop of the next two stitches, yarn over and pull through, yarn over and pull through the two-loop on the hook.


  • You will be working in the round so keep a stitch marker close to keep track of each round when needed.
  • My tension is naturally tight when making amigurumi, keep that in mind for the end result. You want to make sure the holes of the stitches are not too loose or else the poly-fil will show through easier.
  • The yarn you choose to use will increase or decrease the size of the amigurumi.
  • This crewmate measures 3.5 inches tall2.5 inches wide.

Pattern Legs: Make 2

Note- you will fasten off the first leg made. When finished with your second leg, you will NOT fasten and will join the legs to work up the rest of the body.

with main color yarn

8 SC in MC

Round 1 – 2 SC in each stitch (16)

Round 2 – SC in each (16)

Round 3 – SC in each st. (16)

Round 4 – SC in each st. (16)

Round 5 – SC in each st. (16)

Round 6 – SC in each st. (16)

Round 7 – SC in each st. (16)

For the 1st leg made, Sl St in the next st and fasten off, weave in the end or stick it inside the leg.

For the 2nd leg, DO NOT fasten off, CHAIN 1 and continue with the rest of the pattern for the body.


By this step you shall have Chained 1, now place your stitch marker here so you keep track of the first st,


Round 1- SC in any st from the 1st leg made to start the join. SC in the next 15 sts. (16)

the 17th st you make will be in the loop behind the first SC made (stitch marker is in it) By doing this you will not have a hole in-between the legs. SC around the 2nd leg (16 sts).

Note: It can help count 16 sts from the end of the second leg before starting.

Round 2 – 10 – SC around in each st (33)

Fill with poly-fil from here and till closing,

Round 11 – [*SC, INVDEC] Repeat 5 times, SC in the last st. (22)

Round 12 – SC in each st (22)

Round 13 – SC in each st (22)

Round 14 – [*INVDEC] 11 times, SC in the last 2 sts. (11)

Round 15 – SC in each st (11)

Round 16 – [*SC, INVDEC – Repeat total of 3 times, SC in the last 2 sts.  (8)

Round 17 – INVDEC total of 4 times. (4)

Fasten off, Weave in the yarn through the 4 sts left and pull to close. Make a knot and weave in the end.

Pattern Face Shield

Note – You will work in rows. You do not need a stitch marker here,

with Icy Blue color

CH 10

Row 1 – SC in the 2nd chain from the hook and to the end. (9)

Row 2 – SC in each st. (9) CH 1, turn,

Row 3 – SC in each st. (9) CH 1, turn,

Row 4 – SC in each st. (9) CH 1, turn,

Row 5 – SC in each st. (9) CH 1, DO NOT turn,

Join Black yarn and SC evenly around the shield. Sl St to the first SC made and Fasten off, leave a long piece of yarn to sew onto the body.

Use White yarn and embroider a diagonal line on the upper right side of the shield. I go across two stitches twice. Make a knot in the back and fasten off.

Pattern Backpack:


Note- you will need your stitch marker in this pattern.

CH 8

Round 1 – SC in the 2nd ch from the hook. and in the next 5 sts, SC 3x in the 7th chain, working on the other side of the chain SC in 5 sts, SCINC in the last sts. (16)

Round 2 – SCINC in the 1st st, SC in 6 sts, SCINC in the next 3 sts, SC in 6 sts, SCINC in the last st. (22)

Round 3 – SC in the 1st st, SCINC in the next st, SC in 7 sts, SCINC in the next st, SC in the last st. (26)

Round 4 -(USING THE BLO) SC in every st. (26)

Round 5 – in both loops, SC in every st. (26)

Sl St in the next st and fasten off leaving a long piece of yarn to sew on the back of the crewmate.


  • Sew on the Face shield using the black yarn left over in the center.
  • Then the backpack on the center back. Make sure to leave an opening to insert poly-fil before fully sewing shut.

And you are finished!

You can tie a piece of craft cord to make it into an ornament for Christmas or add a key chain ring to it to gift! Enjoy! Find more at

Among us assembly crochet


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