Crochet bows in yellow, pink and multicolored.


Crochet tutorial on how to make this simple faux knit bow in minutes.

Don’t forget to pin for later. 😉

This is a simple bow I loved making and it’s pretty addicting, you have been warned!

This bow can be added to nylon headbands, bobby pins for pigtails, and alligator clips. It just depends on the thickness of the hair.

Let’s talk about the yarn.

I personally really like the look of this bow with variegated yarn.

My favorite is Hobby Lobby ILTY in Blossomopolis Print. It looks like confetti or sprinkles and makes it look so pretty!

The pink one I am about to show you in is using yarn bee soft and sleep weight 4. This is a versatile pattern but the thicker the yarn the thicker/ bigger the bow.

Materials –

  • 4.00 mm crochet hook
  • yarn
  • yarn needle
  • scissors


Abbreviations –

CH – chain

SLST – slip stitch

BLO – back loop only

FO – fasten off

Notes –

There are several options I have tried to make the bow and they all look good, depends on your preference. The way I show you how to make it here is with a knot in the center like when we tie our shoelaces.

The other way you can try is adjusting both loops, overlapping them, sewing the center to keep it still. Wrap some yarn in the center just like in the picture of the yellow bow that I have down below.

If you’d like a smaller bow you can decrease the length.

Pattern –

CH 4

Step 1 – SLST in all three chains. CH 1, turn.

Step 2 – SLST in the BLO of all three stitches. CH 1, turn.

Step 3 – Repeat step 2 until your piece measures 11 inches long without stretch.


Step 4 – Align both ends to make it even and make two loops (bunny ears) to make a bow.

  • Cross the left loop over the right and loop over the right loop over and through the center hole to make a bow.
  • Adjust the right strand and the loops by stretching them making a knot in the center. And voila, you have a cute faux knit bow.

I hope you guys enjoy this tutorial.

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Happy Crocheting! <3

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