flowers and crochet hook.


The Magic Circle is known by a few different names:

Magic Circle

Magic Loop

Magic Ring

All of these are the same, and it is only a personal preference for what you want to call it.

This technique is used in amigurumi, top-down hats, coasters, blankets, and more.

The main reason we seek out this technique is for the ability to form a circle and tightly close the hole, making a neat center.

Some use the chain four and slip stitch on the first chain, but that technique doesn’t allow you to close the center like this Magic Circle does.

Step by step photo tutorial:

First, you will hold your yarn using your thumb and index finger.

Wrap the yarn around your three fingers (index, middle and ring finger), as you bring it up, make an “X” on the side of the index finger.

Hold the center of the “x” with your thumb.

Continue to wrap the yarn over the three-finger and using your pinky, hold the working strand of yarn.

With your crochet hook, insert the hook under the first yarn and hook onto the yarn in the back.

As you pull the yarn through the bottom of the first strand, make sure you twist to create a loop on your hook.

Holding it gently yarn over the working yarn and pull through the loop on your hook.

Gently remove your fingers from the circle.

And voila!

You have a Magic Circle!

Chain as directed in the pattern from here. (Picture below shows CH3, 10 Double Crochet in the MC)

I promise it will become muscle memory and you won’t have to think about it once you practice this a few times.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial as well as the video portion available on my YouTube channel shown below.

Happy Crocheting!

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