Dining table decor. Silverware in a crochet pocket holder with an orange bow.


Thanksgiving Table Setting

Don’t skip Thanksgiving! I know everyone is excited and ready to be holly jolly but Thanksgiving has it’s own unique and wonderful atmosphere. I love getting together with close family and friends to enjoy delicious home-cooked food like deep-fried turkey, maple-glazed yams, and my absolute favorite – sweet potato pie!

Pumpkin pie is okay too…let’s not fight over the holidays okay 🙂

So with the family all gathered around, I really like to make a big impression with my table setting. This year I hand-made some utensil holders and bows out of yarn and I painted and stenciled on a flat wooden pumpkin that I found at A.C. Moore. To finish it all off I crocheted some bows and stitched them onto the utensil holders and I made a bigger one to tie onto the stem of the wooden pumpkin.

For this project, I chose to use terracotta and fisherman yarn from Lion Brand as well as creme colored acrylic paint for the pumpkin. This combination of colors blends together so beautifully and sets the perfect mood for this time of year!

Crochet silverware pocket close up of fall themed decoration bow
Thanksgiving Table

The nice thing about this pattern is that it can be made to fit any season by just changing the colors!

Materials Needed:

Lion brand yarn :

cream: Fisherman

orange: Terracotta

H 8 – 5mm hook

tapestry needle


  • Chain 1 and chain 2 in the pattern is not considered a stitch.


ch – chain

sc – single crochet

dc – double crochet

sl st – slip stitch



  • Utensil holder body


  • Row 1 – SC in the 2nd CH from the hook, turn.
  • Row 2 – CH 2. SC in the next st to the end, turn. (16)
  • Row 3 – CH 3. DC across to the end, turn. (16)
  • Repeat row 3, 24 more times.

Note: You should end with 25 rows of double crochet. Fasten off and weave in the ends.

Sewing the pouch:

Fold the pouch overlapping the 8th dc row from the top. Sew the sides inside out for a smooth edge.

crochet utensil holder and bow pattern sewing
crochet utensil holder and bow pattern white yarn


Small Bows

Ch. 30

  1. Join to the first chain and create a circle. Careful not to twist the chain.
orange crotchet yarn chain

2. Chain 1 and turn. Work towards the left.

  • Row 1 – SC in the same st as the CH 1 and in the next 28 stitches.

Join to the first SC with a sl st and CH 1.

  • Repeat Row 1, 5 more times.

At the end of Row 5, join and fasten off leaving a long tail enough to wrap around the center of the bow.

Sew the small bow on the middle of the utensil holder.

crochet utensil holder and bow pattern close up

Pattern: Big Bow

crochet utensil holder and bow pattern

Ch. 60

  • Row 1 – Join with a sl st to the first chain. Ch 1, Turn.
  • Row 2 – SC in the same st as the CH 1 and the next 58 stitches.
  • Repeat Row 2, 9 more times.

You should have 10 rows of single crochets. Leave a long tail to wrap around the middle of the bow and fasten off.

I tied the leftover ends around the stem of the pumpkin to hold it. Using the wooden pumpkin purchased at A.C. MOORE craft store. (not sponsored)

***You may make and sell products from my patterns but if you do I ask that you link back to my post. Please do not copy and post this pattern and claim it as your own. Please do not re-publish photos as your own.

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Dining table decor. Silverware in a crochet pocket holder with an orange bow.
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