Holding a skein of yarn in a yarn holder.


Hey friends! today! I have such a fun project to share with you! I have been cranking these babies out so fast! They are easy and if you have a sewing machine they are also fast!

You can totally try making this by following the instructions and hand sew your yarn holder. I have not tried this method just yet but I would love to hear if you do!

The materials I used were purchased by me. Nothing in this video is sponsored but I do warn you that I may get a little excited about the rotary cutters because they are AMAZING!

This project seems easy to me now but I want you to know that I went through a few days of trial and error. I went through three kinds of methods and this is what has worked for me. I put a lot of time and effort into this so I would love it if you give credit to this tutorial if you use and make any of them. I also would LOVE to see what you make ! I love featuring your work on my Instagram and Facebook for all to see!

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So with that, let’s get started.


sewing machine

rotary fabric cutters – (I purchased at Walmart)

rotary mat to use the cutters with

stretchy knit fabric – I got mine cut 1/2 a yard and makes about 8-10

measuring tape/ruler

Note – You don’t necessarily need to have a sewing machine to make this. I have not yet tried it but technically you can make this by hand with some sewing experience. If you are under the age of 18. Please ask your parents or someone that may help to guide you. Be safe.

This is the sewing machine I used. It was passed down to me and it’s still in great condition. Singer machines are good.

Here are the measurements of the template I made with a heavy cardstock to help as a guide when cutting.

You can tell I gave myself 1/2 an inch of a seam allowance because this material is a little tricky to work with and 1/4 inches wasn’t enough for me.

At the end of your project, the yarn holder should roughly measure 4.5X5.

I have down below a pre-cut fabric using the rotary cutters that I may have or not mentioned I love! If you can I highly recommend getting some.

Important: I overlap the fabric before cutting so it creates a tube-like when turned inside out.

(creates a 10″X21″ square)

I then turn the fabric outside in to sew the long side edging making it look seamless when turned inside out.

Sew the edge. Remember you do have a 1/2 inch of seam allowance here. Back stitch at the end to secure the thread.

Shown below is how it should look like after sewing straight across.

Now turn it inside out so it looks like the picture below. Trying to keep that seam we just made straight as possible on the bottom shown in the next photo.

Fold over so the two open sides are joined. Here you have the option to use pins to help control placement for sewing if needed.

Sew straight across keeping the joined ends as straight as possible. I like to back stitch (reverse) on both ends to keep the thread of unraveling and for that extra hold.

After you finish your seam should turn out like this.

I just go ahead and use my handy and trusty rotary cutter and trim that sucker up!

Like so.

Turn your project inside out and voila! You are finished!

I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial and made you maybe dust off the old trusty sewing machine if you have one! If not maybe a neighbor or someone in your family would love to help you out!

If you enjoyed this tutorial please feel free to share anywhere your heart desires! It helps my blog get exposure and continue posting fun things for you!

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