Easy and pretty crochet washcloth in multi colored cotton yarn.


Hi everyone. I know these times are unknown with everything going on, but I hope you are safe and in good health. My kids are home and so I needed a small quick project to perk me up without thinking too much about following a hard pattern. So I created this perfectly easy and pretty washcloth crochet pattern!

The final dimensions including the shells are approximately 9×8 inches. It varies but with a washcloth, it’s OK if it’s a little bit bigger or smaller

This works up quickly and so cute as a baby shower gift with some baby wash wrapped in it. I know soon to be moms would really appreciate a gift while in quarantine.

I will be making another different edging so stay tuned for that.

If you are a beginner this is perfect to continue your practice holding that yarn and working on that stride!

I hope you all enjoy and don’t forget to tag me if you do on social media. @arianaehall


So, Yarn:

I recommend using cotton yarn for washcloths. The multicolored one is Hobby Lobby. I love this cotton which in my opinion is so soft and pretty. The white one is made with premier cotton yarn and is still soft but it does come out just a tad bigger. Other yarn recommendations are the Lion Brand line. So soft as well! Remember you can always use up leftover yarn for this!


♡ H-8 5.00 mm Crochet hook

♡ Cotton yarn

♡ Yarn needle

♡ Scissors


♡ CH – chain

♡ SC – single crochet

♡ HDC – half double crochet

♡ SlSt – slip stitch

♡ SHELL STITCH – SHELL – 5 double crochet in the same stitch.

Vibrant purple, blue, and orange washcloth

Washcloth Pattern:

♡ CH 30

♡ Row 1 – HDC in the 2nd CH from the hook. 3rd chain from the hook to the end. (28) CH 2, turn.

♡ Row 2 – 18 – HDC in each stitch. CH 2, turn. (except at the end of row 18 where you will chain 1 not 2 for the start of the shell edging)

♡ At the end of row 18, CH 1. Make a shell st in the next space (row 17), skip the next space, SC in the next, skip the next space, shell in the next, skip a space, SC in the next.

♡ The rest of the way around the square you will skip one, SC, skip one, shell, skip one, SC. Until you reach the first ch 1 space and make a slip stitch there. Cut a long tail of yarn and using your yarn needle, thread the end through the back of the washcloth to hide the yarn. Cut off any excess.

close up yarn hook and loop
yarn loop
yarn loop

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Easy and pretty crochet washcloth in multi colored cotton yarn.
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