This bulky sized heart was inspired by this heathered pink yarn my daughter picked out one day we were browsing the yarn aisle at Walmart. It is so pretty and it doesn’t shed except a little bit after you cut it. This heart works up in less than five minutes and makes for a cute garland or you can use the hearts to put on a wreath!

So glad my daughter picked this up and wouldn’t let me put it back because I am in LOVE with these big hearts at the moment! Keep scrolling for a super easy heart pattern!

Find the video tutorial and follow along on YOUTUBE.

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Bulky sized Yarn – I used Chenille Heathered Yarn from Walmart in Daylily Pink

N – 9.00 mm Crochet Hook I found this worked for me. Go up a hook size if your tension is too tight.


CH – Chain

SL ST – slip stitch

MC – Magic Circle

SC – Single Crochet

DC – Double Crochet

F.O. – Fasten Off


Pattern: All stitches are made in the MC

Create an MC (tip: since this is a larger heart, make your MC a little bigger than you usually would)

CH 2









DC, CH 1, and F.O.

Pull the yarn from the MC to tighten the center of the heart. 

Weave in all the ends.

Looking for more Heart Crochet Inspiration?? Check these two other hearts I have for free! Just click on the image for more!


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