We all have seen these awesome headbands AKA ear warmers. They really are such a quick stash buster and work up in a flash! The eye-catching thing about this headband is the twist in the middle, but don’t worry it’s very easy to get that look.

This pattern can be made in any size you need. I will drop down approximate dimensions for different ages down below and their head circumference as a reference.

You start out by chaining the needed chains until you reach the desired head circumference you are making. For example for a teen to Adult size, I chained 71. 70 chains were enough to go around my head with a slight stretch to it but not overlapping too much or the headband will be too big.

Keep in mind when you chain it must be an even number plus 1. This will help keep the chains an even number throughout the pattern needed to create the double crochet stitch cross over.


The yarn I used was a new one for me. I used Hobby Lobby’s Yarn ID I have been eyeing for quite a while. It is made of 80% acrylic yarn and 20% polyamide (nylon) which makes it a little stretchier than your regular acrylic skein. I really enjoyed working with this yarn, it is soft and almost feels like I am working with soft wool but I’m not and it’s not itchy at all!

You can absolutely use any kind of acrylic yarn you have on hand or prefer. The key to working this pattern is having the right measurement of chains that fit the circumference needed and chaining and even number plus one extra chain. So really, you can work this up with bulky yarn or even DK yarn would work! You would just have a different number of chains and add extra row repeats until you reach the desired width.

Feel free to post pictures of your finished projects and/or links to your shops so all can see! I love it when you tag me @arianaehall on all social media! Thank you for your support! I hope you enjoy it! Happy Crocheting!

Please no sharing pictures or pattern is allowed. Feel free to make as many to sell and gift. I just ask to give credit to Ariana Hall. Thank you!



Medium weight (#4) yarn – I Used Hobby Lobby Yarn ID in Pearl River

J – 6.00 mm crochet hook

yarn needle

stitch marker ( optional)


Measuring tape –  for head circumference measuring.


The pattern is for a women’s sized headband Teen/Adult approx. 21″

The pattern can still be adjusted for all sizes as long as you chain the amount needed for the right size with an even number of chains.

Chain 1 and chain 3 at the beginning of each row DO NOT count as a stitch.

When you SC into the chains you will SC through both loops. (pictures down below)

The twisted center is made at the end of the headband, leave a long piece of yarn before fastening off to sew it closed.

Make sure when chaining to the desired length needed you have about 30% stretch and it reaches over about one or two chains but doesn’t overlap too much or the headband will be too big.

The rule of thumb here is to make the headband 1″-1.5″ smaller than the needed size because most yarns will stretch about that much and fit snug. If your yarn doesn’t have that much stretch make it 2″


Women’s Headband measures approx. 4.5″ in width and approximately 20″ laid flat


CH – chain

SK – skip (skip a stitch)

SC – single crochet

DC – double crochet

HDC – half double crochet

RS – right side

WS – wrong side

Special stitches
The DC crossovers

This stitch resembles an ‘X’. You will skip a stitch, yarn over and DC in the next stitch, yarn over and DC in the skipped stitch. Repeat to the end.

You need an even number of chains/stitches so you have no leftover stitches at the end of the DC crossover rows.


Chain 71  for teen/Adult (or chains needed until you reach 1″-1.5″ less than the circumference you are making it for with no stretch)

Chain 55 for Child sizes ( Victoria head circumference is 18.5 )

Row 1 (RS) – SC in the 2nd CH of the hook making sure to go through the two loops. ( as shown down below) CH 1, turn. (70)

Row 2 (WS) – SC in every stitch across. CH 3, turn. (70)

Row 3 (RS)  – DC Crossovers –  Skip the first stitch, DC in the next st, yarn over, DC in the skipped stitch through the front. Repeat this to the end. ( Pictures above as a reference). CH 1, turn.

Row 4 (WS) –  HDC in every stitch in the row. CH 3, turn. (70)

Row 5 (RS) – DC cross overs. CH 1, turn.

For newborn – 6-month-old stop here and continue with rows 10-11. 

Row 6 (WS) – HDC in every stitch in the row. CH 3, turn. (70)

Row 7 (RS) – DC cross overs. CH 1, turn.

For 6 – 24 months (toddler) stop here and continue with rows 10-11.

Row 8 (WS) – HDC in every stitch in the row. CH 3, turn. (70)

Row 9 (RS) – DC cross overs. CH 1, turn.

Row 10 (WS) – SC in every stitch in the row. CH 1, turn.

Row 11 (RS) – SC in every stitch in the row. CH 1, leave a long piece of yarn to sew the headband closed and fasten off.


Lay the headband with the right side facing up.

Pinch both sides so they look like the picture down below.

Connect both ends until you have both ‘C’ shape ends overlapping each other like the picture down below.

Sew in a zig-zag motion making sure to sew through all four panels. I went made two rounds of this to secure this very well and fasten off, weave in your ends.

Flip it inside out so the right side is now facing out and gently tug to adjust the twisted center and you are finished!


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