Young boy wearing a kid scarf in brown, orange and blue.


This scarf came about just a need for my boy. It is a super easy and fast project. The simplicity of this scarf is that the stitch is universal and can have added fringe for girl scarfs if you like fringe. You can also make it longer if you desire. Adding some beautiful leather tags to the scarf is what is going to give it a nice touch, I don’t have any personalized ones yet but I did find these really pretty ones at Hobby lobby.

Lollipop rewards for modeling, lol.

This is fairly easy and can be done with a variety of different weighted yarns. The key is to always have multiples of two and you are good to go. The length of the scarf can be made wider or shorter depending on your preferences.

But these steps I am going to share with you are what I used to get this scared that my son Henry is wearing. I recommend this length to be used by toddler size. For a Child – Adult I would just continue the pattern until it reaches these desired lengths,

The one pictured is 5×37.5 inches I would make this size for a toddler.

I am adding a few more inches to this scarf of his for a total of 46 inches long. I think that’s a great length as well for a young adult. So 5×46.

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I used 1.5 balls (two balls totaling 220 yards should be great for this) of this Charisma by Loops and Thread found at Michael’s. This yarn comes in some beautiful variety of colors and it is a wonderfully soft, bulky weight yarn in a variety of modern solids and sophisticated prints. This 100% acrylic yarn is easy to use and works up quickly.


  • 6.00 hook
  • Yarn needle
  • Scissors



Ch – chain

SC – single crochet

DC – double crochet

FO – fasten off


Note – always work this pattern with multiple of two.

Chain 13

Row 1 – SC in the 2nd chain form the hook. DC in the next, *SC, DC. REPEAT FROM * TO THE END. Ch. 1 turn. (12)

Row 2 – *SC in the first stitch, DC in the next. REPEAT FROM * TO THE END. Always ending with a DC. Ch. 1, turn. (12)

Repeat this row for the length of (37.5 – toddler, 46 – Child to young adult) Inches.

FO and weave in the ends.

Happy crocheting friends!

SC in the first stitch.
DC in the next.

Another scarf I have made in the past is with the Premier Puzzle line that is also a favorite of mine. I found mine at my local Walmart and has about 328 yards! I used the same hook but made it a little wider using a total of 16 stitches across.


  1. When you say “work in multiples of two” what are you referring to, is that the number of stitches to make the width? for example, if you want to make it wider than 12 stitches then just add them by two’s (14,16,18) so the dc and sc pattern isn’t messed up? Just wanted to clarify. I also really like that premier puzzle yarn! I need to find some for an order I’m working on.

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