If you are like me and you are a master procrastinator for Christmas Things, then welcome to the fastest and easiest stocking I have ever made! And now you can too! It is worked flat and comes together when you fold it in half, sew the edges and add some Faux yarn for the final touch!

I am always looking for a quick way to add some Christmas cheer and this is sweet to gift as ornaments, add some chapstick inside or use as a garland!

Use a smaller hook and maybe that super fine yarn that is cute but not been used up yet! These are adorable and I may be biased because  I whipped them up myself but the quick easy portion of this DIY makes my heart sore!

I hope you enjoy this as much as I do!

Happy crocheting!

Feel free to post pictures of your finished projects and/or links to your shops so all can see! I love it when you tag me @arianaehall on all social media! Thank you for your support! I hope you enjoy it! Happy Crocheting!

Please no sharing pictures or patterns are allowed. Feel free to make as many to sell and gift. I just ask to give credit to Ariana Hall. Thank you!


Medium weight (#4) yarn – I used Hobby Lobby solids 

A Faux-fur yarn – I used Lion Brand Go for Faux in Baked Alaska

4.5 mm crochet hook

yarn needle

stitch marker ( optional)



  • Chains at the beginning of each round DO NOT count as a stitch.
  • The stocking can be modified to be larger or smaller just by tweaking the yarn and hook size.


CH – chain
ST – stitch (stitch space)
Join/ Sl St – slip stitch

DC – double crochet
SC – single crochet

Double V – stitch – DC, DC, CH 1, DC, DC all in the same stitch space as instructed.


MC – Magic circle AKA magic ring

F.O: fasten off

I have YouTube tutorials for beginners Series

if you need guidance for the stitches named above.

Note: chains at the beginning of each row does not count as a stitch.



Round 1 – 10 SC in the MC. Join in the first SC made, CH 1. (10)

Starting of Magic circle
10 SC in the magic circle

Round 2 – 2SC in each st to the end. Join in the first SC made of this round, CH 3. (20)

Single crochet increase 2SC in each st.

Round 3 – 2DC in the first st (same as join), DC in the next 3 sts, *2DC in the next st, DC in the next 3 sts. Repeat from * to the end, ending with dc in the last 3 sts. Join into the first DC made, CH 3 (25)

Round 3

Round 4 – Double V – stitch in the first st (same as join), DC in the next 6 sts, Double V – stitch in the next, DC in the next 4 sts, Double V – stitch in the next, DC in the next 3 sts, Double V – stitch in the next, DC in the next 3 sts, Double V – stitch in the next, DC in the last 4 sts. Join into the first DC made, Fasten Off leaving a long piece of yarn to sew the sides of the stocking. (5 Double V – stitches)

End of Round 4 – Right Side facing


With the right side of your work facing you (the picture showed above). Fold the piece in half, making sure the part you DC 6 sts is on top ( the longest part).

Should look like this in the picture below,

Fold the piece in half with the wrong side out.

Now find the top two CH 1 spaces, this will be your starting point of where you start sewing down to the “toe” portion of the stocking, then fasten off.

Gently, turn the piece with the inside out to reveal your stocking with the right side out. Shown below.

With the Faux Fur yarn, join at the back of the top of the stocking opening and CH 1. SC evenly across the top and join. Fasten off and enjoy your new quick stocking! 🙂

Youtube Video available to follow through!


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