An orange crochet dish scrubby with double crochet stitches.


Washing a white square baking dish with an orange crochet dish scrubby.

Everyone has their favorite chore and washing dishes is one of mine. But, let’s be honest, I don’t LOVE it. Still, I would rather wash dishes than fold laundry! Yeah, I said it. There is no wrong or right chore that is better than the other. My theory is that just like crocheting, knitting, or sewing I need to keep my hands busy. And I personally think the warm to hot water helps my hands relax after a lot of crafting. It’s like a hot bath for your hands with a bit of movement to stretch those hand muscles! But also that’s maybe what I tell myself so I can actually get up and do dishes, lol.

Either way, with or without a dishwasher, I will continue to wash dishes so why not crochet some! They have been long overdue creations here on my blog and I am happy to set free one of the few that I have planned to the crafty world!


I hope you enjoy and leave a comment on what you think about it down below!

Let’s get started!

Disclaimer – This post is not sponsored.


Sometimes I get inspired by just looking at the yarn and this happened as I walked around Hobby Lobby. My eyes were drawn to these pretty and vibrant colored yarns! They are by the company Yarn Bee which has a variety of beautiful yarns overall! I highly recommend checking out their Soft and Sleek line! This yarn mentioned in this post is SCRUB-OLOGY SCRUB IT. I used Lime and Orange.

Warning– I will say the only thing I disliked about this yarn is how easy it unravels! Once you remove the paper sleeve it is game over! BE CAREFUL! There will be an entire unraveled skein everywhere without trying much so I suggest using a yarn sleeve. You can purchase or make one yourself like the one I made HERE. A long piece of ribbon will also do the trick.

Bright green and orange yarn from yarn bee scrub-ology line.

  • Yarn Bee Scrub-ology Scrub it!
  • 6.00 mm Crochet hook
  • Yarn needle
  • Scissors
  • CH – chain
  • ST – stitch
  • MC – magic circle (magic ring)
  • Sl ST – slip stitch
  • SC – single crochet
  • DC – double crochet


  • You will join at the end of each round to the first stitch of the previous round.
  • Chain 3 does not count as a stitch.
  • The number of stitches is in parenthesis.


Special stitches:

Wrap around stitch –  Begin by making a DC in the space mentioned, yarn over and insert your hook around the double crochet stitch post facing you, yarn over and pull up a loop. Do this 2 more times, you should have 7 loops on your hook. Yarn over and pull the yarn through all 7 loops. DO NOT CHAIN after making this special stitch.

Four step by step photos on how to make the wrap crochet stitch.

An orange crochet dish scrubby with double crochet and wrap around stitches.



Round 1 – 10 DC in MC. Join. CH 3 (10)

Round 2 – 2 DC in each stitch to the end. Join, CH 3. (20)

Round 3 – Create a wrap-around stitch in the first st (see special stitches above), 2 DC in the next st, *Wrap around stitch in the next stitch, 2 DC in the next st. Repeat from * to the end. Join to the first wrap made. (10 wraps in total)

Round 4 – CH 1 and slip stitch evenly around the front surface of the circle, slip stitch on the last space and Fasten off. Weave in all the ends and you are finished with your Easy Round Dish Scrubby!


First round of a step photo of the easy and round crochet dish scrubby

Second round of a step photo of the easy and round crochet dish scrubbie

Third round of a step photo of the easy and round crochet dish scrubby with the wrap around stitch.

  • Vickie says:

    I ‘discovered’ this yarn last year and absolutely love it!!!
    It holds up to scrubbing pots and pans and washes in the machine with my dishcloths. Going to give your pattern a try, I have been making mine double layer and they make great gifts.

  • Judy Anderson says:

    How many does a 3 oz skein make?

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