It’s Fall Y’all!

For some reason once I saw pumpkins I felt like it needed a side of a cute scarecrow! This applique is great to add on scarfs or make them slightly bigger for coasters! It came together easily in 8 steps and that is how you will find the pattern down below.

I added this Sunflower applique to my Kids Scallop Scarf you can find HERE.

Also combined with the Sunflower Applique Pattern you can find HERE.

This scarecrow measures approximately 5 inches long with the hat sewn on and 4 inches wide.

My tension is average. Not too tight but not loose. Just make sure the hook you use and tension doesn’t create large holes/gaps between the stitches. You want pretty closed stitches in case you sew on to something.

If you do recreate coasters. I would suggest gluing stiffened felt board at the bottom to hold the shape better.

I hope you like today’s pattern and if you recreate this I would love to see it! Tag me on social media!

@arianaehall on Instagram and Facebook! 🙂

Happy Crocheting!


  • 5.00 mm Crochet Hook
  • Worsted #4 yarn.

Pale yellow/Cream for face

Gold/ Yellow for hair

Burgandy for the hat

Brown for stitching nose and cheeks

Orange for Nose

Burt Orange for cheeks

Black for the eyes

  • Yarn needle
  • Scissors


CH – chain

MC – magic circle (aka-magic ring)
ST – stitch
SK – skip stitch
Sl ST – slip stitch

SC – single crochet
HDC – half double crochet
DC – double crochet
YO – yarn over

INC – increase- place two stitches in the same stitch.



You will be joining at the end of each round of the face and CH 1 does not count as a stitch so you will make your first stitch the same as where you chained throughout the pattern.

Step 1 – Face

With Pale yellow or light yarn.

5 SC in MC ( pull the tail tight to close the circle.)

Round 1 –  SC INC in every stitch. Join. CH 1

Round 2 – *SC, INC in the next. Alternate from * to the end. Join. CH 1

Round 3 – *SC, SC, INC. Alternate from * to the end. Join. CH 1

Round 4 – *SC, SC, SC, INC. Alternate from * to the end. Join. CH 1

Round 5 – *SC, SC, SC, SC, INC. Alternate from * to the end.  Join. CH 1

Fasten off and weave in the ends.

Step 2 – Mouth

With brown yarn and your needle.

Use your needle to find an even line 3 rows from the center and start stitching the mouth with two single crochet stitches at a time until you go over approx. 12 sts. Fasten off and make a knot on both ends in the back to secure the yarn.

Step 3 – Nose

With Orange yarn.

CH 4

SC in the second stitch from the hook, HDC in the next and DC in the last.

Fasten off. Leaving a tail long enough to sew on the nose in the center of the face like in the picture down below.


Step 4 – Eyes

With Black Yarn and your needle.

Just above the round 2 slightly next to the nose. You will loop your black yarn 3x and make a knot in the back to secure the eyes and fasten off.

Step 5 – Cheeks- Make 2

With Burt Orange/ orange pumpkin color.

5 SC in MC

Pull the tail tight to close and fasten off leaving a long tail to sew on the end of both sides of the mouth.

Step 6 – Stitching

With Brown Yarn and needle.

Stitch around the nose and the cheeks.


Step 7 – Hair

With gold/yellow yarn.

Cut 4 strands 6 inches each. group two together and place above the eyes. ( The hat will cover the knots )


Step 8 –  The Hat

With burgundy yarn

CH 11

SC in the 2nd chain from the hook and the next 9 chains. (10) CH 1, turn.

SC entire row. (10) Fasten off.

Skip 3 stitches and join the yarn in the 4th, CH1, SC in the same stitch, and SC in the next 3 sts. CH1 Turn

Complete 2 more rows for a total of 3 SC rows and CH1, Don’t turn. COntinue SC evenly around the hat and sl st to the first SC made.

Fasten Off and weave in all the ends.

Using the same hat color yarn, sew on the hat slightly above the eyes making sure to cover the knots of the hair.

If you have to trim a bit of hair to make it even.

And there you have a scarecrow!

If you are sewing it to a scarf as I did. Make sure to use the color of the scarf to sew on the applique and insert the needle carefully between the single crochet stitch so you get yarn to sew it on the scarf but not too much that the yarn shows up on the front side of the scarecrow.

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