Wonder woman crochet outfit handmade being worn by a small child.


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If I could give my daughter three things, it would be the confidence to always know her self worth, the strength to chase her dreams and the ability to know how truly, deeply loved she is. 


With Halloween creeping in I had no idea what Victoria was going to dress up as. Henry was easy because he loves PJ masks and after seeing cat boy at the boo fest we knew that he found his costume.  I really wanted to make something for them but I did not know what until I saw a friend mention her little girl was dressing up as wonder woman and it clicked! I had to make her a wonder woman outfit! For the past couple of days, I sketched and planned out the costume and stayed up late sticking sparkly stars on her costume! The lasso of truth was last minute but I feel like it completed the look.  

This how-to gives instructions on how I measured to complete the look because everyone is different and prefers different lengths, you can increase where you see fit. I still share the pattern on how exactly I got this size, as a reference my daughter in one-year-old and wear 18M-24M

So I am going to share with you everything I did and used to complete this outfit I am very proud! So here we go!

What I used:

  • scissors
  • crafting glue or hot glue gun
  • one red glitter card stock paper
  • one gold glitter card stock paper
  • one small white felt
  • red yarn – I used caron simply soft Harvest Red
  • gold yarn – I used red heart in gold
  • blue yarn – I used Vanna’s choice sapphire
  • size H 8 – 5.00mm hook
  • yarn needle
  • print out an image of wonder woman logo
  • print out different size stars for the outfit
  • measuring tape
  • 3 buttons (optional)


The first thing I did was take measurements of her as you will see in the image below.  


After that, I chained up to the circumference from her chest. After finishing the top part I would advise that even when I chained up my stitches loosely if I could go back I would add an extra inch. Because the top is made with single crochet stitches it is not as stretchy as a double crochet.

for her outfit I

CH. 78

I joined the long-chain together. Just make sure not to twist.

I chained 1 and single crocheted around joining at the end of each round until it measured 2” left for the top length. 

I wanted her belt ( yellow yarn to end at her waist. I continued with yellow yarn to complete the length.
  • Switch to yellow/gold yarn and sc around. ch 2
  • double crochet around. ch 1 
  • single crochet. ch 2
  • double crochet. ch 1 
  • single crochet
  • continue alternating until you reach your desired length and end with single crochet
  • switch to blue yarn 
  • *sc in 6 st, increase ( 2 sc in the next st), sc in the next 5 st, repeat * this 9x, sc in the last 5 st. Join ch 2 
  • DC until the blue skirt part measures 7” long or desired length you need. (85) 

Her length was initially 14” but I played chicken with my blue yarn and I lost! I can always go back just before she wears it out for trick or treating and add an inch of length. 

Next up I made her cuffs! These were super quick and easy!


CH 7 

DC in the 3rd chain from the hook, repeat for 2 more rows until you have 3. Fasten off. You can do what I did and add a button to adjust the size or you can sew it closed if you are sure of the sizing. The double crochet is stretchy and has more give. 




I made her two straps after I noticed it needed some to keep her outfit from sliding down! I made two and measured where the straps would go and added half an inch to each end.

CH 36

DC in the 2nd ch from the hook to the end (34). Fasten off. 


The headband/crown. I had no idea how it would turn out so I went with my gut and came out with this finished product and I really liked it! I knew it had to lay on her head comfortably or she would feel it and take it off! But surprisingly for a girl who does not like headbands, she kept it on! 

Crown: I measure around her head and got 18”

CH 75

  • DC in the 2nd chain from the hook and the next 29 st
  • treble crochet in the 3 st  (video on how to treble crochet here)
  • double treble in the next 3 st (video on how to DTC here)
  • treble crochet in the next 3 st
  • DC in the next 34 st ch1 turn
  • sc around the entire headband. fasten off. weave in ends. 
sc the bottom part too. 

I added a button to adjust the size for her. 


For the stars and WW logo, I printed out the images and traced them on the back of the card stock paper and cut the images out. 

Wonder Woman logo.
I traced it with a pen behind the card stock. 
Glue this on.
This is what I used but hot glue gun or super glue works as well. 

After I left the glue to dry I noticed that because her top was a bit small going up through her diaper it did tear a little. So making sure you add that extra inch to their top width you should be fine. ( I mention it before starting the top part of the costume)


I did the same for the white stars but on a felt sheet. I traced cut and glued on the other side so the pen markings would not show. 

Adding the stars.

For the lasso of truth! I cut 6 pieces of the gold yarn, 38” long. I made a knot on one end and braided down and made a knot. Cut any uneven ends. 

Lasso of truth! 

Thank you for taking the time to be here! I had so much fun making this outfit for my little girl and I hope it helps inspire you to make one yourself! She seemed to really enjoy the dress. We put it on her from the bottom up. She moved around the playground easily. We also put on a diaper cover we had on hand but when I add the extra inch or two in length it might not be necessary.  Her straps were a bit too loose as well but I used a small strand of gold yarn and tied a bow on her back. 😉

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