Two neutral color crochet oval shaped teething biscuits.


Victoria is one year old and has had the worst experience teething! Each set of teeth takes at least two weeks to cut and finish coming out.

We tried all of the tricks that we used with her older brother, Henry, but none of them have really worked! She has rejected pacifiers since the day that she was born and the only two things that she likes are toothbrushes which help soothe her gums and teething on cold cloths! I noticed she also likes chewing on wipes and clothing tags so I went ahead and made these during her nap. 

I dipped the teething biscuits in water, put them in the freezer, and had them ready for her when she woke up. The cold helps her soothe her gums and she really enjoyed biting down on the soft squishy biscuit.

These would also be so perfect for a baby gift! Chewing starts so early!


  • Bernat Softee baby cotton yarn ( Feather Gray & Soft Plum)
  • 5.50mm Crochet hook
  • Tapestry needle
  • scissors


  • Ch- chain
  • Sc – single crochet
  • sl st – slip stitch
  • 2SC two sc in the same st ( sc increase)


  • You will join on the first sc of the previous row and chain 1 every round.
  • You will also hold two strands together to make the biscuit stiff.


Biscuit Pattern Make 2:

Hold two strands together.


  • Sc in the 2nd st from the hook and the next 3 sts, make a 3 sc in the last st. (7)
  • Continue around and sc in the next 4 sts. Join, ch 1. Turn.
Hold two strands together.
  • 2SC in the first st, sc in the next 3, 2SC in the next st, sc, 2SC, sc in the next 3 sts, 2SC in the last st. Join, ch1. (16)
  • 2SC in the first stitch, sc in the next 5, 2sc, sc in the next 2, 2sc, sc in the next 4, 2sc, sc in the next st. Join. Ch.1, turn.
  • 2SC in the next two stitches, sc in the next 5 stitches, 2SC in the next two stitches, sc in the next 2 stitches, 2SC in the next two stitches, sc in the 4, 2SC in the next two, sc in the next. Join

You want to leave a very long tail before cutting the yarn so you can slip stitch around when attaching both biscuits together.

Slip Stitch or sew both biscuits together.


You can also freeze them to soothe their gums! Just dip the biscuit in some water squeeze the excess and place in a clear bag and put it in the freezer. If it gets too hard just run it on some water for a few seconds and it will still be cold and not so hard.

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