Purple crochet octopus wearing a pink bow on it's head.


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After making so many mermaids I felt like I needed some other sea creatures to complete Victoria’s nursery…so how about a cute octopus!

I found this adorable paid pattern by KATSHANDMADEITEMS on Etsy.  It is the cutest looking octopus that I saw when I was on my search and the pattern was so easy to work up! After practicing it a few times I timed myself at about two hours to complete an octopus.

The instructions are clear and they help you placing the octopus eyes and mouth. It also comes with the instructions for a bow! It can be used on top for a girl and or as an adorable little bow tie for a boy!

These are perfect for little hands! I had a customer (when I was making crochet projects to sell) make this for their three-month-old and they loved it! Babies grab onto the tentacles easily which helps them practice their motor skills and strengthen their grip!

The crochet octopus became popular among the premature babies in the NICU. The tentacles provide a sense of comfort for them like moms umbilical cord and prevent them from tugging at their own medical tubes.

You can easily make it into a rattle as well! I went to my local craft store and picked up some bells and put it inside as I was stuffing the head with poly-fil. 

It does mention using cotton yarn which I did for two of them. They turn out smaller and for newborns and I can see how cotton is best for their sensitive skin but I mostly used I Love This Yarn acrylic yarn from Hobby Lobby. Either one is fine but the size will be the major difference between the yarn that you use.

If you are on the fence about which octopus pattern you should buy this one is it. I highly recommend this pattern because of how great it looks and how easy and fun it is to make.

Get it here now!

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