Forest green buttoned scarf and rose gold crochet hook next to it.


Stitch Studio yarn next to completed Hartford Buttoned Scarf

I found The Hartford Buttoned Scarf pattern after searching on Etsy for something that was as beautiful as it was simple. I decided to try it out with two different yarns, one of them was this Earthtone color from Stitch Studio by Nicole and the other was this green “Joshua Tree” color from the Heartland Line of Lion Brand Yarn. 

green buttoned scarf closeup

I recommend buying large assortments of buttons so that you’ll have something on hand for all of your projects. I found these ones on Amazon.

button scarf and hook

As far as yarns go…

I prefer the Stitch Studio yarn because it’s thicker and for a scarf and that means it keeps you warmer! If I absolutely wanted to go with something from Lion Brand than I think Vanna’s Choice would have been a better option over the Heartland Line for this project. 

Either way, the pattern itself is great because it has very clear instructions and the finished product turns out exactly as pictured. It also met the criteria that I was looking for which was being approachable and easy to make for someone with intermediate skills. I had such a positive response when I posted this picture of the scarf. so I do recommend if you are on the hunt for a new pattern! 

buttoned scarf yellow

This is an everyday kind of scarf and I think it’s something that would be perfectly usable if you were trying to make several of them as gifts for other people. 

buttoned scarf green

This scarf is not typical of something that you see at retail stores and I think that’s why I get a lot of compliments when wearing it. Everyone wants to know where they can buy it! However, I think that it’s even more special because it’s something that you can make yourself.   

Check out The Hartford Buttoned Scarf Pattern here.

Disclaimer: I purchased the pattern myself and this review is my own opinion. 

Forest green buttoned scarf and rose gold crochet hook next to it.
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