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I have been excited to make this pattern by Sonja Hood since I saw it being made all over the world! Today in this blog post I want to talk to you about how the process went for me and the materials I used. You also may notice my edging at the bottom looks different and that’s because that is one thing I added my personal touch to. I hope this inspires you to still support the designer and make the shawl and add fringe or these shells instead! The world is your oyster! 😉 I am here to give you my point of view. <3

All photos are linked to Sonja’s Etsy shop to purchase her pattern as I did mine as well throughout this post.

This post will answer most of the questions I have gotten asked about my personal make of this pocket shawl. As well as the shell edging I winged at last minute. That will be at the end of this post if you’d like that information. 🙂

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Before I start to begin telling you the materials and you decide you want to purchase this pattern you can find HERE on Sonja Hood’s Etsy shop. Her pattern is very clear and I was able to download it on my phone and follow the pattern that way but it is a PDF, making it printer-friendly if you prefer. 

Materials I used for this crochet shawl:

The closest craft store I have to me is Hobby Lobby and I love this yarn has quickly become my favorite acrylic yarn to use. For this shawl I used I Love this Yarn in the color Rosy Cheeks.

I used up three skeins of it which each has 355 yards. Which is plenty, and got them on sale which makes it $3.50 each skein when they have 30% off discounts (You have to check your local store to make sure when that is, all may be different)! Using the shell edging was my way to go because I would have not had enough for the fringe on both sides and honestly, I wasn’t going to buy a fourth one for the fringe. :/

The crochet hook I used was a 9.00mm crochet hook throughout! I want to make a disclaimer that, I crochet with a tight tension. That will make a difference in how your’s turns out.

How long did it take?

This answer varies so much but in my personal case, this took me about a week working on it nights and some mornings, I have read it takes people anywhere from 5 to 10 hours to complete. I think this will be a personal matter and how much time you have to complete it. In my opinion, a full week will be a non-stressful time frame I can make and complete one shawl.

I also want to say that I don’t sell them. I am making a few to gift this winter to the family I think would love it. Other than that I can’t ethically recommend a price on this piece. I would however look at the prices being sold near you to calculate what you seem fair both parties.

The one you may be here for.

The Shell edging:

This edging was not planned. I however was not a fan of the fringe. I am confident it would be in the way and frankly too much work being a busy mom of two with only an hour during bedtime to crochet! I tried to get smarter about my time and the shell edging was a great turn out.

I hope this way I made helps those who prefer no fringe. It isn’t a perfect pattern because everyone could have made their shawl bigger or smaller so here are some tips when making the same edging as a rule of thumb. You may have the shells a bit closer on the first section than in the inner pattern than the last HDC portion. That’s ok.

  1. Skip a space (hole) between the shell stitches and the single crochet stitches. This will help the edge of the shawl to be flat otherwise if the shells and single crochet stitches are too close together, the edge will start to bunch up and look too crowded. So keeping everything evenly spaced out is best.
  2. To start I have the pocket facing me when attaching the new piece of yarn in the right-hand corner:

I chained 2

Double crochet two stitches in the same stitch as the chain.

skipped a space

single crochet stitch

skipped a space

5 double crochet in the next stitch

skipped a space

*single crochet

skipped a space

5 double crochet in the next stitch.

I continued this pattern from * until I was nearly at the end.

I ended mine with two double in the last st, chained 1, and fasten off.

Then repeated the same on the other side.


I hope this helps out and you find it helpful when making your own Perfect Pocket Shawl Pattern by Sonja Hood


I can confidently say that I very much enjoyed making this pattern. There are so many crocheters that have already made this pattern so most crochet groups or messaging the seller directly should help you through any bumps you may have like the wrap-around but other than that this is an easy pattern to follow. I don’t see myself selling these but I do see myself gifting these! My mom and Matt’s mom were my first I thought about to gift this winter! Such a beautiful piece!

I love this yarn from Hobby Lobby worked very nice with this pattern and the price and yardage were very hard to beat! Rosy Cheeks is the color I used.

The pattern is linked to pictures and throughout this post to get you to purchase the pattern if you’d like to make one yourself!

*** This blog post is my own personal opinion, and I was not paid to make this review.



  1. Are you happy with the ILTY? I had a friend ask me to make one for his wife and I want to make sure the yarn isn’t going to pill or get all fuzzy immediately. I love your version with the scallops!

  2. can you tell me how many chains you started with? and hook size? i’m having the hardest time figuring how many to to start!

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