Pink and purple yarn heart garland hung on the wall.



Before we get into the garland, you can find the free crochet Heart Pattern HERE


Heart Garland

These hearts are made using Bulky sized yarn and I am pretty sure any bulky yarn may work but may alter the finished outcome. I used Chenille Heathered Yarn in Daylily pink and Sweet Violet. I purchased both skeins of yarn myself at my local Walmart.

Each skein makes roughly about 10-12 skeins.

Materials Used

After following the Heart Pattern I used two strands approximately 47 inches long of some cotton cord and a needle to thread it through the back of the hearts.

I used a cotton cord because it will hold better with time and it will not stretch. But you can use what you have on hand.

The hearts are so light weight I used packing clear tape for the ends to hold the garland in place and hold well.

You can alter the size and number of hearts used to your liking.

I made 7 purple hearts and 7 pink hearts. Total of 14 hearts for February 14, Valentine’s day. Yes, cheesy I know. hahaha

But also it was just the right amount of hearts for two garlands going across the wall it was intended for in my daughter’s room. It was perfect!

I used the needle and tried my best to sew directly in just the back trying to avoid it being seen in the center. but a little higher would have worked put a little better. But I am happy with how it turned out.

My daughter helped decide on alternating colors in each garland and it turned out so pretty! Kids are such good helpers and have a good eye for fun decor.

The next one I make will be for my mantle, these hearts work up super fast and are fun!!

I hope you enjoyed this quick DIY and if you make one yourself I would love to see it!

Check out and tag me on Instagram @arianaehall so I can share your make!

you can find the free crochet Heart Pattern HERE

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