White bunny washcloth with a happy face and ears as loops to hang from.


It is the perfect time of year to crochet all the bunny things! Like this adorable and easy to make washcloth for kids! It was made with 100% cotton and the bunny ear loops were specifically chosen for this pattern to make it easy to hang to dry when not in use.

This pattern is designed to fit kids from 1.5 and up. It helps encourage them to practice self-care routine after a long day of fun!

Washing the washcloth prior to use is recommended. I personally found some of the blue yarn bleeds through the yellow and wings after a few baths. It’s fun and so simple to make! I hope you enjoy making it and using it as we did!

If you would like to purchase the add free, printer-friendly version of this pattern you can find it here on my Etsy shop for a small fee that helps support me to keep making free patterns! Your support is appreciated either way!

Happy crocheting!


Bunny wash cloth for kids crochet pattern


  • 100% cotton yarn- I used ILTC from Hobby Lobby- Grey, white and pink
  • H-5.00 mm and G-4.00 mm crochet hooks
  • yarn needle


Chain 1 after each round unless told otherwise.

You will HDC in the first stitch as the chain 1.

Skill Level :



  • MC – Magic Circle – picture tutorial down below – Video demo here
  • SC – Single Crochet
  • HDC – Half Double Crochet
  • SC2TOG – single crochet two together.
  • FO – fasten off
  • Ch – chain


Round 1 – Make a MC and crochet 8 HDC inside.

Round 2 – 2HDC in each stitch around. (16)

Round 3 – *HDC in the first stitch, 2HDC in the next. Repeat from * until the end. (24)

Round 4 – HDC in 2, 2HDC. Repeat * to the end. (32)

Round 5 – 16 – HDC around. FO at the end of row 16. Weave in the end.

crochet bunny wash mit closeup

Ears – Make 2:

Using the G – 4.00 mm hook.

Using the main color (white) ch 25.

Switch to pink, pull through and SC across. FO and weave in the ends.

SEW – You will sew them behind the head as shown between rounds 3&4.E

Eyes- Make 2:

Using the G- 4.00 mm hook

SC 8 stitches inside MC. Pull tight. FO, weave in the ends.

Sew the eyes between rows 6&7 5-6 stitches apart. I used a separate piece of grey yarn for some eyelashes. (optional)

Using the G- 4.00 mm hook

Ch 3

SC in the 2nd ch from the hook and the next. Ch1, turn.

SC2TOG, FO. Weave in the ends.

Sew on between rows 9-11. With a separate long strand of the same color create the mouth.

crochet bunny wash mit

How to Crochet Magic Circle

Collage of step by step process for creating The Magic Circle
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