Kid fire fighter holding a crochet fire truck.


The crotchet fire truck plush banner

This fire truck was a long and imagined project. I knew I wanted to create a fire truck for a couple of reasons. My kids are very much in love with fire trucks and pretending to be firefighters. Typical 3 & 1-year-old pastime of course. But if you throw in your own dad as a firefighter you are basically surrounded with beautiful emergency vehicles that we can go see quite frequently if we wanted to.

Thank you to my husband for helping me make sure I put the wheels in the correct place because let me tell ya, I sewed and ripped off those baby’s many times until I got it right! Who knew the wheels were going to be where I spent most of my time.

But I am glad to report that I am happy with the results and my kids identify it as a fire truck and admired the details up to the sirens and that makes me feel happy and all the feedback I need!

One other thing I love about this is the many colors it is capable of being in! pink, green, yellow, or even purple! The window can be black, gray, or white! The world is your oyster and wouldn’t it be so fun if your child or recipient of this truck gets to choose the colors?! How fun imagination kids have, it would be an incredible truck!

So whether you make this for your child, grandchild, or neighbors son or daughter I hope you enjoy making it as much as I did with love for my kids.

Happy Crocheting!

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Materials Needed:

  • Yarn Weight: 4 – medium
  • – Red – body and closing 
  • – Black – wheels, hose
  • – Yellow – headlights, siren, hose
  • – Light Blue – window
  • -White – ladder, siren
  • -Gray – pump panel
  • -Dark Blue – siren
  • Hook: H 8 – 5.00 mm
  • Yarn needle
  • Poly-fil
  • Stitch marker or yarn


Abbreviations/ Definitions:

  • Ch – chain
  • SC – single crochet
  • DC – double crochet
  • HDC – half double crochet
  • Sl St – slip stitch
  • MC – magic circle
  • FO – fasten off


Read before starting:

– The fire truck is worked in two separate panels. A & B.

– When doing color change carry your yarn making sure it is laying on the wrong side of the panel. You can cut the yarn when no longer needed. will be noted.

– During the color change, I shortened the pattern and abbreviated the color and placed the number of stitches to work with next to it for the panel only. (EX. For red – R 43, Blue – B 15)

– Chain 1 and turn after each row unless indicated otherwise.

Color Change

Panel A Pattern:

Ch 60

Row 1 – SC on the 3rd chain from the hook and across (58)

Row 2 – 10 – SC across. Join white yarn, Ch 1 turn

Row 11 – 12 – SC across. Join Red, Ch 1 turn

Row 13 – 18 – SC across

Row 19 – R43, B15.

Row 20 – B15, R43 

Row 21 – R43, B15

Row 22 – B15, R43

Row 23 – R43, B15

Row 24 – B15, R5

Row 25 – R5, B15

Row 26 – B15, R5

Row 27 – R5, B15

Row 28 – B15, R5

Row 29 – R5, B15

Row 30 – B15, R5

Row 31 – R20

Row 32 – R20

Row 33 – R20, FO, weave in the ends.

Panel B Pattern:

Ch 60

Row 1 – SC on the 3rd chain from the hook and across (58)

Row 2 – 10 – SC across. Join white yarn, Ch 1 turn

Row 11 – 12 – SC across. Join Red, Ch 1 turn

Row 13 – 18 – SC across Join Blue yarn, Ch 1

Row 19 – B15, R43 – You can FO or carry the yarn leaving a loose drape.

Row 20 – R43, B15

Row 21 – B15, R43

Row 22 – R43, B15

Row 23 – B15, R43. Fasten Off Red yarn and join 5 sts next to the blue. Ch 1

Row 24 – R5, B15

Row 25 – B15, R5

Row 26 – R5, B15

Row 27 – B15, R5

Row 28 – R5, B15

Row 29 – B15, R5

Row 30 – R5, B15

Row 31 – R20

Row 32 – R20

Row 33 – R20, FO, weave in the ends.


Wheels make 6 – Black Yarn

MC Ch 3

8 DC in the MC, Join to 1st DC, Ch 3

2DC in each st. Join. FO. Weave in the ends (16)

Hose 1 and Nozzle 1 – Black and Yellow Yarn

Hose Black yarn – Ch 40

SC in the 3rd Ch from the hook and across (38)

FO. Leave a long tail to sew on tightly on the truck.

Nozzle Yellow yarn – Ch 4

HDC in the 2nd ch and in the next 2. FO.

Headlights make 2 – Yellow Yarn

Ch 4

SC in 2nd chain from the hook.

SC across

SC across. FO. Leave a tail long to sew on the truck.

Pump panel – Gray Yarn

Ch 10

DC in the 2nd ch from the hook (8) Ch 3 turn.

DC across

DC across

DC across. Ch 1 Turn

SC across and evenly around the panel.

Siren make 2- Yellow and Dark Blue Yarn

Ch 5

SC in 4 sts, Ch1 turn 8x

Fold in half, sew the sides together and sew on top of the truck at the very end.


Panel A 

Sew on the tires with skipping 6 stitches from both edges and leaving one visible row under. Place the 3rd wheel right next to the one in the back.

Pump Panel

Sew between the first and middle wheel.

place two stitches marker
Slip stitch to create one side of the ladder.
Skip 6 rows down and sl st across horizontally to the first.


Count 10 stitches from the first st on the left of Row 23 & place a stitch marker. Skip 20 sts place the other stitch marker.

Skip two rows and start to slip stitch from the first to second stitch marker. FO.

Skip 6 rows and add the other side of the ladder.

Sew the steps going over twice each one. Skip the first stitches and make your first step. Skip 3 sts until you have 6 in total.


Sew at the front on the white line.

Panel B

Sew on the nozzle to the fire hose at one end. Then stitch the hose on the side as pictured or as desired.

Sew on the wheels and headlight just like in panel A


Hold both panels together with the right side out (panel A facing you) Start from the front and slip stitch around the truck. Begin stuffing slightly halfway and color change with corresponding colors.


Sew on the top of the truck as shown.


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  1. Kelly Mathiesen

    Hi! Question regarding your pattern for row 19 and down when you say R43, B15. Is that Red for 43 sc and Light Blue for 15? Thanks!

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