A blue and yellow bee crochet washcloth with white wings and black antennas.


The happy bee wash cloth for kids in yellow and blue with cute face and white wings and black antennas

This idea started with a need. I needed to start installing self-care routines for my kids. Henry is turning four this year and even though kids typically do not start taking baths/showers by themselves between the ages of 5 and 6 I figured why not start now and have fun while they still think what mommy makes is cool!

This washcloth is made with I Love This Cotton available for purchase at your nearest Hobby Lobby. It is by far the softest 100% cotton yarn I have ever used!

You can not just use this as a washcloth! This pattern works with any worsted yarn and creates a fun bee puppet for an imagination station in the kid’s playroom! I can think back when this could have been fun to use as an easy communication tool for Henry using the B sound during his time in speech therapy. Time flies now and he is three and speaking so well!

Washing the washcloth prior to use is recommended. I personally found some of the blue yarn bleeds through the yellow and wings after a few baths. It’s fun and so simple to make! I hope you enjoy making it and using it as we did!

If you would like to purchase the add free, printer-friendly version of this pattern you can find it here on my Etsy shop for a small fee that helps support me to keep making free patterns! Your support is appreciated either way!

Happy Crocheting,




  • 100% cotton yarn- I used ILTC from Hobby Lobby- Royalty, white, black and yellow
  • H-5.00 mm
  • yarn needle



Chain 1 after each round unless told otherwise.

You will HDC in the first stitch as the chain 1.

Skill Level :



  • MC – Magic Circle – picture tutorial down below – Video demo here
  • SC – Single Crochet
  • HDC – Half Double Crochet
  • SC2TOG – single crochet two together.
  • FO – fasten off
  • Ch – chain



Round 1 – In Magic Circle chain 1 and make 6 HDC. Join to the first HDC.

Round 2 – 2HDC in each stitch around, join. (12)

Round 3 -*HDC in the first st, 2HDC in the next. Repeat * to the end, join. (18)

Round 4 – *HDC in the next 2, 2HDC. Repeat * to the end, join. (24)

Round 5 – *HDC in the next 3, 2HDC. Repeat * to the end, join. (30)

Round 6 – *HDC in the next 4, 2HDC. Repeat * to the end, join. (36)

Round 7 – *HDC in the next 5, 2HDC. Repeat * to the end, join. (42)

Round 8 – HDC around, join.

Round 9 – HDC around, join.

Make a color change to the blue yarn when you join.

Blue – Round 10 – HDC, join.

Blue – Round 11 – HDC, join.

Yellow – Round 12 – HDC, join.

Yellow – Round 13 – HDC, join.

Repeat Rounds 10-13 two more times. Fasten off and weave in the ends.

Wings Make 4:

  • In MC chain 3 and make 8 DC. Join to the first DC and ch 3.
  • 2DC in each st
  • *DC in the first st, 2DC, Repeat * to the end. Fasten off and weave in the ends.

You will attach two circles side by side then attach both slightly behind the front of the mitt.

Use the black yarn to make eyes and mouth.

Cut two 9 inch strands of black yarn and attach them to the third round of the bee’s head for the antennas.

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