Toddler wearing a cross body bag with colorful pom-poms in the front.


Pom-pom cross body bag crochet bag free crochet pattern banner poster

My daughter loves bags and as soon as she sees one she swings it over her little shoulder and puts her arm out to hold it there! That, of course, is the cutest thing ever but not very comfortable for her because it keeps falling off. So I designed this crossbody bag specifically to help her keep the purse on while picking up and putting all her toys inside.

To embellish the bag I used mini pom-poms that are easily found at your local craft store. They are holding pretty well and she loved looking at the colors. I used some cotton thread I had in my yarn stash but a regular sewing thread will work just as well.

red heart bamboo crochet thread

I have had someone say on my Instagram that it could be turned into a watermelon or an upside-down rainbow! This template of a purse can be turned into anything you want and it’s a great one skein project that works up quickly! I hope you enjoy it! And if you do, don’t forget to tag me in any of the social media outlets like Facebook and Instagram! I would love to see your creation!

Happy Crafting!

Little girl wearing a pom-pom bag with graphic arts standout advertisement


  • Worsted weight yarn. I used Red Heart
  • mini pom-poms (optional)
  • yarn needle
  • H 8-5.00 mm hook size
  • measuring tape for straps

Skill Level:



The bag is formed as a semi-circle. When after each round you will chain 3 and turn unless told otherwise.


MC – magic circle – Video Demonstration

SC – single crochet

DC – double crochet

CH – chain

st(s) – stitch

FO – fasten off


Make 2

Two handmade crochet bag pieces
  • Round 1 – 7 DC in MC, ch 3, turn.
  • Round 2 – 2DC in each st, ch 3, turn.
  • Round 3 – *DC in the first st, 2DC in the next. Repeat * to the end. Ch 3, turn.
  • Round 4 – *DC in the next 2 sts, 2DC in the next. Repeat * to the end.
  • Round 5 – *DC in the next 3 sts, 2DC in the next. Repeat * to the end.
  • Round 6 – *DC in the next 4 sts, 2DC in the next. Repeat * to the end.
  • Round 7 – *DC in the next 5 sts, 2DC in the next. Repeat * to the end.
  • Round 8 – DC across
  • Round 9 – DC across
  • Round 10 – DC across


Chain 1 after round 10 and SC along the top edge of the bag making it taller. Ch 1 at the end of each row until you have 6 rows in total. FO and weave in all the ends. Make sure to pull the MC tight.

Rows of crochet thread weaving through out the pattern of pom-pom crochet bag
Put both panels together laying against each other with the wrong side out.
Two handmade crochet bag pieces coming together

Sew both panels together. You can also slip stitch along the edge as another option. Below is the method I prefer to close.

turquoise crochet bag crochet sewing needle
turquoise crochet bag sewing

Turn it right side out.

crochet pompom bag inside

To make the long braided strap I cut 9, 40-inch length strands. And attach one side to the side of the bag and make a knot. Pull the strands through with a hook. Make a braid and do the same on the other side.

crochet pompom bag knot
crochet blue bag crochet hook
crochet blue bag

To add the mini pom-poms I simply used a yarn needle and some thread. I crossed over 3x to reinforce the pom and cut the excess thread. Make sure you insert the needle through the center of the pom to secure it.

crochet pompoms
crochet pompom purse

And then you are done! Now all left to do is give it to a special little girl to use as a crossbody or you can easily make a knot at the top of the strap to shorten it and use over the shoulder!

Happy Crafting!

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